There is an approaching crisis facing Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). Over the coming decade, a variety of challenges will impact FCPS’s ability to provide and maintain school facilities in line with its stated mission to ensure that every child has access to high-quality education in a facility that in environmentally safe, secure, functionally efficient, and comfortable.

The present situation in Fairfax County is one where:

  • school enrollments continue to increase
  • special programs consume growing proportions of available space
  • funding for renovations and new construction is inadequate to meet the needs
  • fiscal constraints on operations and maintenance budgets and fixed capital investment funds hinder FCPS’s ability to reach its standards of operational excellence
  • economic and demographic changes are rapidly and significantly impacting the number and location of students

The FCPS School Board appointed a citizens committee, the Facilities Planning Advisory Council (FPAC), to develop and update a long-term strategic plan for FCPS facility needs that reflects input from all interested stakeholders and constituencies. Our goal is to develop a Strategic Facilities Plan that:

  • provides a framework for sound decision making related to capital investments, program assignments, boundary management, and myriad of facilities related issues
  • enables the County to effectively anticipate, respond to, and manage change
  • is driven by issues identified by residents as critical and long-term goals based on the county’s vision of the future

FPAC thanks everyone who provided input on the draft plan over the last three months–via this website and at our county-wide public meetings. We will consider all input, and we look forward to continued community dialogue as we complete the plan over the coming months. We are scheduled to submit the final plan to the School Board for approval in October.

The complete draft strategic facilities plan, which presents the goals in context, is available via the links below. 

FPAC website     DRAFT Strategic Plan  Compilation of comments through June 20